“Life is like code” | Batch 27 Day Class

On May 24, 2019, the 27th batch of Tuitt’s Day Class students graduated from the coding bootcamp to take their first step into the IT Industry.

The graduation ceremony was held in Caswynn building, Quezon City. The graduates and instructors present celebrated the culmination of 3 months filled with learning full stack web development at Tuitt.

Opening Remarks

Instructor Terrence Gaffud opened up the celebration by congratulating the graduates and by recounting all the hardships they went through to get to this point. “The past 3 months have been a real challenge to everyone. Some of you were career-shifters and some of you had no background, but each of you [has now] reached a point where you are confident with your coding skills. We know you made a big sacrifice by being here but I congratulate you for all you’ve done.”

Special Awards

After the opening remarks were finished, it was time for the Miscellaneous awards! The recipients of these awards were voted by their peers and here are the ones that were given out on this day:

  • Confident Kid Award: Bobby P.
  • Student Best Able To Teach Others Award: Ace DC.
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Sean L.
  • Really Responsible Award: Samuel LV.
  • Outstandingly Organized Award: Samuel LV.
  • Enthusiastic Learner Award: Danica S.
  • Friendly Neighbor Award: Bobby P.

Awarding of Certificates

After the Miscellaneous Awards were given out, it was finally time to award the certificates to the graduating class for their successful training!

The graduates of the Batch 27 Day Class are 22 in total.

Experience Sharing

After the certificates were handed out, it was time for the experience sharing segment from Tuitt Instructor Ben Cavas, who has also gone through the bootcamp.

He started off by recounting how he was a career-shifter going into Tuitt’s bootcamp, and how he understands all their struggles and hardships. “I had doubts going into bootcamp because I wasn’t sure if I could do well knowing I was used to a different industry. I had to try it because the future looks better in this industry. I know all about the hardships you went through, especially with the capstones.”

As Mr. Cavas was finishing his experience sharing, he told the class to remember two things:

  1.  The skills you learned in the bootcamp
  2.  Where you want to go after

“At Tuitt’s bootcamp, I was given the tools needed and became self-sufficient. Never think that you need more time and never think you’re not good enough. Don’t linger on self-doubt. You are ready for this. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here. You guys should all be confident in your abilities. You graduated the bootcamp.”

And with those words, Mr. Cavas ended his talk by congratulating the graduates once again.

Closing Remarks

After all the awards were handed out, Tuitt Instructor Terrence Gaffud shared his closing remarks with the graduating class. “This is the first step in your future as IT professionals. We know it was hard but we wanted you guys to be prepared for real life. Thank you for keeping up with the class and look at where you guys are now.”

Finally, he compared this graduation to how it works in code. Life is like code. This part is a semi-colon. We’re finishing a statement. You guys are an object. You are a batch that should be collected and united. The front end should be nice to look at but the back end should be strong as well. Congratulations on graduating but this isn’t the end, there are more chapters to life!”

Congratulations and God Speed, Batch 27 Day Class!