Teach Me How To Love… Code: Batch 8 Day Class Capstone Project 1


The eighth iteration of the Tuitt Coding Boot Camp day class in Caswynn Training Center are now done codecrafting their capstone project one (1).

This serves as the culmination project of the skill set acquired by the campers for front-end web development using the open source web technologies and best practices, such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, responsive web design, and mobile-first approach to web development.

Core Requirements & Specifications

The minimum core requirements and specifications of this capstone project should be met by the campers to be able to move on the next phase of the coding boot camp.

  • Project documentation
  • Sketch, wireframe, and/or mock-up designs of core pages
  • Mobile-first and responsive web design
  • At least five hyperlinked web pages (e.g., landing, home, and about pages)
  • Modification to the project should be tracked by Git (version control system)
  • Deployed and hosted by GitHub

Capstone Projects

This is the list of the first capstone projects created by the campers of Batch 8 Day Class:

Gab3 Travels
Gab3 Travels, created by Gabe
Gab3 Travels, created by Gabe

“My website is essentially a photo blog intended to support my upcoming YouTube vlog.”


— Gabe

JayDreamer, created by JR

This website is about sharing my experiences to all the different places that I’ve been to. Hopefully it is also a way to encourage and inspire people make their plans and dreams into reality. This Website will also help me connect with other travelers and maybe find some new travel buddies.”


— JR

Visit Cabalen
Visit Cabalen, created by Kaye

Visit Cabalen is a website that aims to promote and advertise the famous tourist spots, restaurant and events in Pampanga.”


— Kaye

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guide
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Guide, create by Kynt

This website is aimed to all Mobile Legends gamers, enthusiast, casuals, game developers, game reviewers, and anybody who is interested with computer gaming in general. It’s a website for the gamers by a gamer.”


— Kynt

Toga, created by Garrvin

“This site is to support the business that my friend is currently working on. The business is Toga and It’s a social enterprise that will give part of its profits to support their advocacy, 7107 soles. 7107 soles distributes old sneakers and acquires slippers for the less privileged.”


— Garrvin

Drunk n’ Pub
Drunk n’ Pub, created by Mike


Welcome to DrunknPub! A website developed based on bar and club concept. It is designed to be alive, engaging and user friendly.”


— Mike

Snivekolano, created by Kevin

Snivekolano is a travel guide website wherein right now it focuses the Bicol Region. The main purpose of creating this is to support those people who likes to travel and explore. By viewing this, you can easily check and plan ahead on what places you can go to get peace of mind and where to have fun in Bicol. It also promotes the beautiful culture, people and undiscovered places around the region.”


— Kevin

Bearthside Photography
Bearthside Photography, created by Mitch

Inspired to create this website to treasure milestones for first time moms. It designed to ease clients connection with the photographer.”


— Mitch

Food Fun Travel Philippines
Food Fun Travel Philippines, created by Mart

Is all about spending your vacation days thinking about what you’re going to eat next,

going are in the right place. Mission is to find you the best foodie destinations and tours in Philippines. Where to eat, what to eat, and some fun things to do when you are not dining.”


— Mart

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy, created by Jepoy

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance guide website is a simple website created to help the people who will play the game. It contains the different characters, jobs, races, missions, equipments and some in-game screenshot.”


— Jepoy

Haring Ibon UPLB
Haring Ibon UPLB, created by Huge

Haring Ibon UPLB, is an organization website, this website aims to expand the organization’s online presence. It showcases the org’s mission, vision, main activities and, member’s input on why you should join the organization’s cause.”


— Huge

Cove Manor Resort & Spa
Cove Manor Resort & Spa, created by Renz

Cove Manor Resort & Spa, a world class resort, a paradise that offers unforgettable experience. I am inspired of how beautiful our nature is and at the same time to promote tourism in our country. The website is mobile-first, user friendly and ease of access. The website is for all age level.”


— Renz

Performance Builders
Performance Builders, created by Ian

Performance Builders, is one of the leader in construction environment in Philippines. This company website aims to give an overview for those individuals/suppliers who are  dealing in a construction environment & realty estate business.”


— Ian

CappucciNotes, created by Raia

CappuciNotes features the best cafes around Metro Manila. Brainchild of a coffee and tea addict lover while sipping her cup of matcha in the middle of the night, this website is dedicated to all cafe enthusiasts. It also lets them share their own cafe ideas and discoveries through the site.”


— Raia

Kantai Collection Guide
Kantai Collection Guide, created by Larry

The Kantai Collection Guide website aims to give beginner and casual players to have an overview of the information on the ships they will be encountering. They could read here some of the historical events pertaining to that ship. They could also hear some of their in-game voices.”


— Larry

FoodBook – Your Online Cookbook
FoodBook – Your Online Cookbook, created by Kier

FoodBook – Your Online Cook Book, this website aims chef/cook who love to share their recipes or someone just wanted to share what they love about food. What you can do here, view all available recipes on website, share your recipes, rate or comment on recipes.”


— Kier

Victory Church  Talavera
Victory Church Talavera, created by Chris

Victory Church  Talavera, a Christian website which aims to connect and serve  church and everyone. To build relationship not only with one another, but especially with God. Here you can also listen and download Podcast or Victory group materials for free and watch a leadercast, and stay up to date with what’s happening at Victory and insights with our blogs from Victory members.”


— Chris

Games of Thrones Fan Page
Game of Thrones Fan Page, created by MB

This website is a Games of Thrones Fan Page. Sharing of latest news, character information, photos and etc.”


— MB

** Daniel **

D’ Blog – The blog site where i can share my knowledge and ideas. Sharing blogs, comments and ideas with different kinds of people. For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.”


— Daniel

Survivalist, created by Jovit

Survivalist – This Website is for the people who want to know how to survive in the wild. Anyone should know how to survive anywhere in the wild. It guide and gives you tips on how to be a survivalist.”


— Jovit

That Julie Baked
That Julie Baked, created by Julie

“THAT JULIE BAKED’s website is primarily a portfolio for all of my cakes and pastries. This is very personal to me. It explains the excitement in the creation of this project. It has a very simple layout and yet it is a very fulfilling accomplishment as my first ever web page. Capstone 1 is done. Relax. Have a cookie.”


— Julie

Travelito, created by Louie

“TRAVELITO – Your Friendly Guide To Discover Metro Manila. This website serves as a travel guide for everyone who wants to explore places and to know more information about Metro Manila. I am a person who loves to travel, explore and discover beautiful places, people and culture that is why I came up in doing this website.”


— Louie

Bright Start Preschool and Early Learning Center
Bright Start Preschool and Early Learning Center, created by Belle

“Bright Start Preschool and Early Learning Center. The website is an early learning center and preschool that incorporate child care service to support modern families and empower women. The center will focus on nurturing and educating children from infants to preschool to bridge the gap of growing problem of child care.”


— Belle


The batch is now done creating the product that sets the foundation of the entire coding boot camp. They are now ready to apply and use the new found skill set to create a dynamic e-commerce web application.

Good job, guys!